|| श्री कृष्ण गोविन्द हरे मुरारी
          हे नाथ नारायण वासुदेव ||

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Lord Krishna Paid His Gurudakshina

Krishna and Balaraam's had finished their Education and now time to go ahead. Krishna asked his guru to how could he pay Guru Dakshinaa. Krishna Gurudakshina
Guru Saandeepan Jee said "no Krishna" . Saandeepan Muni said to Krishna and Balaraam – I educated u as My Sons and also Guru Maata Considered u her Sons but this time She is very weak and couldnot bear your leaving this Gurukul so it is better if you both brothers go away to Mathuraa from here without seeing off your Guru Maataa."

Krishna replied - "But how can I go without paying Guru Dakshinaa?" No disciple can have his right on education without paying Guru Dakshinaa." Guru said - "Then I leave Guru Dakshinaa on you only. Whatever you wish, you pay." Krishna said - "I want only my Guru Maataa's happiness. Guru Said she want her Son who is disappeard many months ago . Krishna Promised to him to find out where he was .

So Krishna and Balaraam went in search of Guru's son. Since the place was near the sea, He asked Samudra (sea) to give back His Guru's son. But Samudra told that he didn't have His Guru's son, but there was a Devil named Paanchjanya (in the form of a conch), living inside the sea, he might have taken him. Krishna went inside the sea and somehow found the Devil. He killed him but still He could not see His Guru's son there. Then he took that Paanchjanya conch and came out of the sea.

Then He went to Yam Raaj's Nagaree and asked Yam Raaj about him. Yam Raaj said politely - "Here we get only souls not the bodies." Krishna said - "I don't know anything, I want my Guru's son back." So Yam Raaj gave Him His Guru's son. Krishna and Balaraam came back to Gurukul along with their Guru's son. When other disciples saw them coming, they called Guru Jee "Krishna has come, Krishna has come." Guru came out of his hut and saw that Krishna and Balraam were coming with his son. Both, Guru and Guru Maataa were very happy to see their lost son coming back after so many years.
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