|| श्री कृष्ण गोविन्द हरे मुरारी
          हे नाथ नारायण वासुदेव ||

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Lord Krishna Raas Leela with Gopies

Krishna spent his first childhood years in Braj and being so naughty and having attractive behavior he attracted most gopies in Braj. His Sweet tune flute made them fans of him. Lord Krishna raas leela gopiya When Gopee hear His flute, whatever they are doing, leave everything and rush to Him to listen to His flute. Most of Gopies loved Krishna due to his attractive face and jolly arts. Not only Gopee, but even cows and calves also used to gather around Him to listen to His flute.

Once some Gopee entered Yamunaa River to take bath. They kept their all clothes under a tree bank of the river. Krishna came there picked up their clothes and go up on the tree. When Gopee required to come out of the water, they looked for their clothes. They looked here and there but they couldn't see them, then one of them find Krishna sitting on a branch of a tree with their clothes. Krishna was smiling on them .They ask for Him a lot to give back their clothes but Krishna mocked them for long time saying that "as you went in as you come out". After a long teasing He returned their clothes. Then at one time He danced with many Gopee on a Full Moon night which is famous as Mahaa Raas (means the great dance in Love )

कृष्णा की बासुरी पे मोहित हो जाती थी गोपिया सारी, दिल में बसा चुकी थी मोहन कों और प्यार करने लगी थी अशीम प्यार. ब्रज की गोपिया कृष्णा के बिना अपना जीवन आगे नही सोच सकती थी . उनके दिल में उनके जीवन में उनकी हर ख़ुशी में बसे थे हम्हारे कान्हा . कान्हा की बंसी उन्हें दीवाना कर जाती थी . कृष्णा के शरारते उन्हें कान्हा के और करीब ला देती थी . इन सभी गोपियों में सबसे बढकर थी राधा रानी.
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