|| श्री कृष्ण गोविन्द हरे मुरारी
          हे नाथ नारायण वासुदेव ||

It is said that Lord Krishnaa lived on Earth with His brother Balaraam for almost 125 years. The first 14 years of his life were spent in the villages of Gokul and Vridavan. He Spent till 28 years old in Mathuraa. Krishna later established his ruler city Dwaarakaa, a city in Gujarat and lived the rest of his life there with his family.

Everybody knows Krishna was killed by the hands of a Vyaadh (hunter) named Jaraa. How come that the Vishnu incarnate was killed at the hands of an ordinary Vyaadh? Normally all Vishnu incarnations are self destructive - whether it is Fish, Tortoise, Narasinh, Mohinee, or Raam. Then why only Krishna was killed like this? To do this we don't have simple and straight answers and proofs, but we will have to prove it through other sources and events. Let us take some examples from the sources of Krishna's life and prove that how He self-destructed Himself Harivansh says that Jaraa was Krishna’s brother (born of Vasudev’s Shoodra wife), So Krishna is killed by his own blood.

It is said that son is the father is reborn from his wife’s womb in the form of his son. So is Saamb. Saamba is the cause of Yaadav's destruction and that is why he is also Krishna’s Self-destruction. Earlier, Jaambavatee requested Krishna to have a son like Him. Upamanyu too prophesied - "you will get a son like yourself" and Shiv and Paarvatee granted that. So He Himself destructed Himself through His son Saamb.
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