|| श्री कृष्ण गोविन्द हरे मुरारी
          हे नाथ नारायण वासुदेव ||

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Lord Krishna's Family

Krishna's Parents

Krishna's father was Vasudev , And mother was Devakee . but Nandbaba and yasoda was considered take care of his

Krishna's Wives

Krishna had 16,008 wives. From among them 8 were the chief queens and other 16,000 were the women whom He released from Narakaasur's (Bhaumaasur) a devil’s prison. Bhaagvat Puraan says that Krishna had 10 sons from His each wife.

The Main eight wives of Krishna may be

(1) Rukminee He first married to Rukminee, the daughter of the King Bheeshmak. Rukminee was the part Incarnation of Goddess Lakshmee. Bheeshmak wanted to marry Her to Shishupaal, but Rukminee wanted to marry Krishna, so when Bheeshmak was organizing Her Swayamvar, she sent a message of her Love to Krishna. Krishna kidnapped her and married to her.

Theirs 10 sons are listed as - (1) Pradyumna, (2) Chaarudeshn, (3) Sudeshn, (4) Chaarudeh, (5) Suchaaru, (6) Chaarugupt, (7) Bhadrachaaru, (8) Chaaruchandra, (9) Vichaaru and (10) Chaaru.

(2) Jaambvatee

Jaambvatee was the daughter of Jaambvaan. Krishna recovered the Syaamantak Mani from Jaambvaan's house. Jaambvaan married her after a fight with Krishna for 27 days.

Her 10 sons' names are - (1) Saamb, (2) Sumitra, (3) Purujit, (4) Shatajeet, (5) Sahastrajeet, (6) Vijaya, (7) Chitraketu, (8) Vasumaan, (9) Dravid and (10) Kratu.

(3) Satyaa

Satyabhaamaa was the daughter of Satraajit (who blamed Krishna to steal Syaamantak Mani). She was born from the part of Bhoo Devee. After Satraajit blamed Krishna for stealing Syaamantak Mani, He searched for the Mani and brought it for him and handed over to him. Satraajit got so ashamed that he tried to give back that Mani to Krishna but Krishna did not accept it. Then he married his daughter Satyabhaamaa to Him.

Her 10 sons' names are - (1) Bhaanu, (2) Subhaanu, (3) Swarbhaanu, (4) Prabhaanu, (5) Bhaanumaan, (6) Chandrabhaanu, (7) Brihadbhaanu, (8) Atibhaanu, (9) Shreebhaanu and (10) Pratibhaanu.

(4) Kaalindee Kaalindee was the daughter of Soorya. He met her while she was doing Tap to marry Vishnu on the banks of Yamunaa River, so Krishna married her.

Her 10 sons were - (1) Shrut, (2) Kavi, (3) Vrish, (4) Veer, (5) Subaahu, (6) Bhadra, (7) Shaanti, (8) Darsh, (9) Poornamaas and the youngest one (10) Somak.

(5) Mitravindaa

Mitravindaa was the daughter of Vasudev's sister Raajaadhidevee. She wanted to marry Krishna, so Krishna kidnapped her from her Swayamvar.

Her 10 sons are - (1) Vrik, (2) Harsh, (3) Anila, (4) Gridhra, (5) Vardhaan, (6) Unnad, (7) Mahamsa, (8) Pavana, (9) Vahni and (10) Kshudhi.

(6) Naagnjitee

Naagnjitee was the daughter of the King Nagnjit, King of Ayodhyaa. Krishna married her by putting one rope in 7 difficult bulls' nose together.

Her 10 sons were - (1) Veer, (2) Chandra, (3) Ashwasen, (4) Chitragu, (5) Vegavaan, (6) Vrish, (7) Ama, (8) Shanku, (9) Vasu and (10) Kuntee. Amongst all of them, Kuntee was very powerful.

(7) Bhadraa

Bhadraa was the daughter of Vasudev's sister Shrutkeerti (married to the king of Kaikaya Desh).

Her 10 sons were - (1) Sangraamajeet, (2) Brihatsen, (3) Sur, (4) Praharan, (5) Arijeet, (6) Jaya, (7) Subhadra, (8) Vaam, (9) Aayur and (10) Satyak.

(8) Lakshmanaa

Lakshmanaa was the daughter of the King Brihatsen, King of Madra Desh. He married to her like Draupadee's condition - piercing the eye of a fish seeing its shadow in a pot filled with oil. [Agni Puraan, 27] says that she was the Princess of Gaandhaar.

Her 10 sons were - (1) Praghosh, (2) Gaatravaan, (3) Sinha, (4) Bala, (5) Prabal, (6) Urdhwag, (7) Mahashakti, (8) Saha, (9) Oj and (10) Aparaajit.
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