|| श्री कृष्ण गोविन्द हरे मुरारी
          हे नाथ नारायण वासुदेव ||

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Lord Krishna And Devil Putna

Kansha Know that 8th child of his sister may be reason of Kansha (Maternal Uncle)'s death. And he also knew that his enemy was in gokul and he wanted to kill him.Devil Putna and Krishna In order to protect himself from death, he decided to kill all the children in the kingdom who were born in that week. In order to carry out his plans he asked help from the female demon Putna.

To fullfill the wishes of the king, the demon dressed herself as a good-looking woman and started going to the houses new born child and killed them. Soon this news spread from village to village and reached Gokul where Krishna was. All mothers in Gokul tried to protect their childrens.

Putna soon arrived in Gokul. Dressing herself just like a beautiful woman, she entered the house of Nand Baba. She looked extremely beautiful. She captivated everyone with very attractive looks and smiling face. The Women thought that she was a goddess of fortune and saluted her. She reached Krishna's nursery, hoping to kill Him with the poison she had grubby on her nipples. Yashoda, Krishna mother was not in the room at that time and Putna had adequate time to pick up the little baby, take him to the garden and feed it poison milk of her breast .

She took Krishna n sit under a tree and tried to drink her milk. What happened is just beyond imagination. Krishna the small baby closed His eyes and sucked out her life air, killing her, without taking her poison. When Krishna sucked out her very breath, Putna felt down on the ground, spreading her arms and legs and began to cry, "Oh child, leave me, leave me! Forgive me and bless me life again" She was crying loudly and her whole body became wet. She came to her original form in devil form.

Her fallen body extended up to twelve miles and smashed all the trees to pieces. People came running out of their houses when they heard such a loud noise. Seeing that they were speechless! Her teeth looked like ploughed roads, and her nostrils mountain caves, breasts small hills, and her hair a vast reddish bush! Her eye sockets appeared like blind wells, her two thighs two banks of a river; her two hands two strongly constructed bridges, and her abdomen a dried-up lake.

When they saw Krishna playing in the lap of Putna, the elderly ladies picked him up and performed auspicious rites for His protection and purification. They bathed Him and chanted religious mantras to prevent further attacks. They all knew that the small baby is a form of God and be a reason of death of devil putna. All chants Jai shree Krishna Hare hare .
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