|| श्री कृष्ण गोविन्द हरे मुरारी
          हे नाथ नारायण वासुदेव ||

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Lord Krishna And Shishupal

Vediraj Damghash had married Shrutishrava, who was the sister of Kunti, and aunt of Krishna.Soon a son was born to them. But the child had two faces, four hands and four legs instead of a child with a single head, two hands and two legs. krishna killed shishupalPeople in the palace said, "The queen has given birth to a demon." The queen was very sad and was about to kill the child when there was a heavenly announcement. "Donot kill the child. His extra face,hands and legs will diappear as soon as the person who is to kill the child sets his eyes on the child."

The queen made every one who visited the palace to see the child. But nothing happened. One day Krishna visited his aunt and to see his new born nephew. The moment he saw his nephew, his extra face,hands and legs disappeared. On seeing this Shrutishrava said ,"You will be the killer of your brother. Please spare him. You promise that you willnot kill him"

Krishna said," If it is the fate and destiny it cannot be changed. Only thing I can do is to promise that I will spare his hundred wrong deeds.If he does one wrong deed more than hundred I will kill him."
krishna killed shishupal
His aunt accepted .Time passed by. Shishupal grew up and became a king . He did many sinful works. His generation were Pandavas , Kauravas. Pandav prince Yudhistar was made the king of Indraprasta and Prince Dhuryodhana was made the crowned prince of Hastinapur. Yudhistar did the ashwamaya yagya and in order to celebrate it he arranged a grand ceremony. He made Krishna as a guardian deity. Shishupal entered the Place and calling Krishna names with black words. He also said, " who is the Idiot to make krishna as deity ? Why have everyone accepted a cowboy to be the guardian deity when there are many brave warriors in the world? When noble Kshatriyas like us are there, why we should devote our prayers to a cowherd, is dark skinned"

Krishna stood up and warned Shishupal against calling names and disrespect and told him," I have promised your mother to forgive your 100 wrong activities. You have already been forgiven 100. One more misdeed and I will kill you."

Shishupal did not pay attention to to his advice. He was continuously talking. Krishna stood, and sent his Sudharsan Chakra and ordered it to kill Shishupal.The charka killed him and returned to Krishna.
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