|| श्री कृष्ण गोविन्द हरे मुरारी
          हे नाथ नारायण वासुदेव ||

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Lord Krishna And Sudama Friendship

Krishna was the son of Nand Baba and Sudama was the son of a poor Brahmin. They met in childhood in Gurukul when they joined gurukul .krishna Sudama Friendship Story There they had to help their Gurumata also. One day their guru sent them into the jungle to get some woods.They were collecting wood in the forest and heavy rainfall occures. Both of them took shelter on the branch of a huge tree.The rain did not stop for a long tjme and they had to remain there . Soon they felt hungry.

Krishna asked for food to sudama .but sudama bisy in eating the rice puff which his gurumata had given for both in case of emergency. When Krishna could no longer bear Sudama's calm he climbed up the branch and reached him and caught him eating red handed. He said,"This hand full of puff is due.You give me later." Both of them grew up and had finished their studies. and went to their own houses. After time passed .

Both of them got married and were busy in their own family and responsibilities. Sudama remained poor while Krishna became the king of Dwarka.Sudama always used to talk of their friendship to his wife. Sudama and his wife and children starved without food. Being poor , one day his wife advised him go seek his friend Krishna's help. Sudama who was an extremely honest man felt ashamed to ask for help. When his wife insisted, Sudama agreed to go, but realized that going empty-handed to meet a friend after so long would look odd. So he carried with him a handful of puffed rice as a gift.

Sudama reached the capital of Dwarka and asked about Krishna's residence. People were astonished to hear a man in rags calling himself to be the friend of King Krishna. But they guided him. On reaching the palace Sudama tried to get in but was stopped by the gatekeeper and was asked to go away. He said," I will after I meet my friend Krishna" The gatekeeper started laughing. By then Krishna came to know of his friends arrival and everyone's astonishment he came running to the gate to take him inside.

Everyone were surprised but both the friends did not care what others were saying. Krishna cancelled all the meetings and instructed not to be disturbed. He then took Sudama to his living palace and washed his feet with warm water and served Sudama. Hethe asked Sudama "what have you brought for me. My Bhabi should have sent something. " Now Sudama was feeling in an ackward situation to give the ricepuff in atattered cloth to him. But Krishna found it out and took it out. He ate it with relishment. When he had eaten two mouthfuls his wife came in and stopped him saying ,"Will I be not allowedto have something. Will you eat everything?" Saying this she ate the rest.

All the while, Sudama was thinking of how to ask for help from himbut unable to ask him for help he setout for the return journey.

All the way Sudama was cursing Krishna for not giving him anything .When he reached his house he found a palace in placeof his hut. Astonished, he inquired a passerby about his hut.The passerby said it was his house only. Even then he did not have the courage to get into the house. Just then his wife saw him and came running. She said ,"Your friend has given us much. Just comein and see." Sudama Repented his thoughts and spent rest of his days in talking about greatness of Krishna. he saw a huge palace instead of his hut and his family wearing new clothes, ornaments . All village owener had own palaces . He went inside and found lots of food. At once he knew that god had showered his blessings on him.

All Villagers thanked sudama and chant for friendship and trust of Lord Krishna
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